Minersa Group


This mineral has been the backbone of Minersa production activities since its early days, more than 70 years ago in Spain.

During all this time Minersa has been continuously producing from a number of fluorite mines, and adapted to cover a wide variety of customer needs. Minersa has a dedicated metallurgical research lab (CIM) with a team of graduated chemists to profit from, and to increase its unique wealth of experience in fluorspar mining and processing. Thanks to all the above and the daily work of the on-site production teams, Minersa has earned a reputation as one of the most reliable and solid fluorspar producers in the world.

In the commercial side, Minersa treasures the largest customer base in acid grade fluorspar. Its customers are located around the globe and in all market niches. Minersa is proud to be the supplier of choice for so many customers, who buy from Minersa and Vergenoeg year after year.

Thanks to the combination of the productions in Spain and South Africa, Minersa stands as the World second largest producer of acid grade fluorspar.

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